Lloyd is arguably (he'd argue all day) the best writer in the history of the universe, all the way back to the big bang.  He has been writing for well over 12 billion years in one incarnation or another.  His experience includes having written as a member of nearly every sentient species that has existed.  In this current cycle he was supposed to be born in Hawaii, but ended up in Texas instead.  At first he was a bit miffed at missing out on the surfing and grass skirts, but quickly became charmed by the Texas experience and now wouldn't trade for it, unless a winning lottery ticket was thrown in.  By the age of 11 he was a seasoned world traveller and continued to travel until the age of 56 when he settled permanently on the banks of the Brazos River in central Texas.  He spends an inordinate amount of time, according to his wife, in the river with a fly rod whipping the water into a white froth.  He began writing at an early age and has written prodigiously since.  His major influences are Pat McManus, Carl Hiaasen and Christopher Moore.  Lloyd plans to remain firmly ensconced in the Brazos River, emerging from time to time to write another story before slipping back down the muddy bank. 
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